Why Your Child Should Connect with Nature

These days, many kids are spending more time at home as activities are either canceled or rescheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has parents looking for different things to do with their kids to avoid the dreaded words, “I’m bored”. No one wants their child glued to a screen all day just to pass the time.


Connecting with Nature

That’s why now is the best time for your child to spend time in nature. A recent study found that connecting with nature has many benefits for kids. Researcher Dr. Louise Chawla says there is strong evidence that kids are happier, healthier, and function better when they learn to connect with nature. They also get to know more about the environment and are more likely to take action to protect it.


As would be expected, the more time kids spend in nature, the more connected with nature they become. The more time they spend in nature as a child can also predict how much they’ll care for nature as adults.


Giving kids access to parks, gardens, and wild areas is important for them to make that connection. But, researchers warn that as children become better connected with nature, they also become more aware of the environmental problems that exist. This may lead some children to become worried and upset, but it may also spark activism in those who want to improve the status quo. 


If time in nature is used as a learning tool, it can help the environment and everyone on the planet in the future.


Nature Activities to do with Your Kids


If you’re not exactly sure of what nature activities you can do with your kids, we have some ideas for you. Lace-up your sneakers and open the door to these exciting nature activities.


Take a Nature Walk



You can walk around your neighborhood or find a trail nearby to take a nature walk. During your walk, you and your children can look at the various trees, leaves, and any little animals you may encounter. This is also a great opportunity to check out the weather and clouds. You can also collect any leaves you find, bring them home, and use them for fun arts and crafts activities.


Nature Scavenger Hunt



Think about things you know your child can find outside and create a scavenger hunt. This is not only fun but will keep their minds and bodies active as they look for the items on the list.


Identify Trees & Bugs


As you take a walk, look around at the different trees and teach your child what kind they are. You can use your phone to look up the information and learn something as you go along. You can do the same with bugs. Many kids love bugs! Just be careful that they don’t get too close to one that could hurt them. 


These are just a few ideas to help your child connect with nature. Use your imagination and see what your child likes to do outside. This can help you find more activities that they’ll enjoy.

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