What is Fiddlefox and How Can Your Children Benefit

For children to grow and learn as much as they can, they need to be exposed to a variety of things. When it comes to music, there are so many different ways of teaching and ways of learning. Some children adapt to some programs better than others, but when you find a program that works, it’s important to stick with it so kids can continue to flourish.


At Rock and Roll Daycare, students are introduced to many classroom materials that embody the style of Montessori teaching tools as well as the resources available through the Fiddlefox program.




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What is Fiddlefox?


Fiddlefox may be new to some parents, but its benefits are well-known to many in the education field. The program provides tools and resources for families, educators, and children to connect to each other and the world through the power of music.


Fiddlefox provides teachers with an exciting and engaging cultural music program. Teachers can use the program by itself or in conjunction with whatever else they may be teaching. Children can listen to diverse songs and sing along to them. They also have the opportunity to play music together with their teacher.


Cultural music learning can continue at home with subscriptions to Fiddlefox. This is a great way to continue what is being taught in school when the children go home. Monthly subscriptions start at $5.95 a month. They include books and activities that are delivered to your home every month. Each month takes on a new lesson so kids never get bored. They are constantly learning something new and can bring that back to school with them.



Benefits of Fiddlefox


Courtesy: Fiddlefoxmusic.com


One of the many great things about the Fiddlefox program at Rock and Roll Daycare is that students are constantly introduced to materials that prepare them to read music when they reach the elementary level. Fiddlefox plants the seed and offers all of the tools that help to develop a child’s musical sensibility.


The oldest preschool students are introduced to the program first and it slowly moves down to the youngest students. Students also have the opportunity to learn about a variety of cultures through other Fiddlefox resources. There are also newly illustrated songbooks, music recordings, and activity books that help parents to reinforce the lessons learned at school when the children are home.


Fiddlefox has some well-known contributors that are dedicated to bringing music to life for children. Contributors include New York-based music producer Marc Diaz, GRAMMY award- winning recording engineer, Jeremy Loucas, and Illustrator Gabriela Issa Chacon. Fiddlefox founders Phil Berman and Christopher Vuk, who is also the Rock and Roll Daycare founder, contribute to the program as well.


It’s important to know that Fiddlefox follows the Elementary Music Standards from NAfMe that provides teachers to meet state standards. These include things like improvising rhythmic and melodic ideas as well as demonstrating an understanding of musical structure.


To learn more about Fiddlefox and how your children can learn from it both at home and through their days at Rock and Roll Daycare, click here.




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