Plain white paper (any size), ruler, pencil, yarn, push pins, cardboard (thick enough to hold the push pins)


  1. Tie a 6 inch piece of string to the head of a push pin. Tie the other end of the string to a pencil.
  2. Lay the cardboard down and place one sheet of paper on top.
  3. Insert the push pin into the paper, ensuring that it goes all the way through into the cardboard.
  4. Pull the string taut and then draw a circle (you may need to help hold the push pin in place)
  5. Remove the push pin and the string.
  6. Using a ruler, draw a straight line that divides the circle in half.
  7. Use the ruler to continue dividing the circle into increasingly smaller sections (8 sections is best)
  8. Inscribe a square onto the circle by using the ruler to connect the ends of the lines at the point where they touch the circle’s edge.
  9. Color in the different sections, using crayons, markers, chalk or colored pencils. Now you have your own Turkish mosaic to hang up!

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