21st of August

The Mindful Adult / Sensory Materials

Learn about aspects of the Mindful Adult 

14th of August

Rock and Roll Box – South Africa Edition

Describe how you will be using these new resources for Sept/Oct in your classrooms.

7th of September


Please complete the following reflections based on last weeks Professional Development

24th of August

Observation: Part 2

Continue writing classroom observations in teacher journal. Share your observations with your co-teachers and Program Specialist. 

FYI: there will be no TTT next week. 🙂

Documenting Creative Work

17th of August

Time to Practice!

Responding to Musical Observations

10th of August


Observation: What is Musical Behavior

3rd of August

Observation: The basics

Music Development: Assimilation

27th of July



20th of July

Emotions vs. Behaviors

Musical Development – Acculturation

7th of July

Using our resources

29th of June

Your presence in the prepared environment

Preparing an Environment for Creative Risks

22nd of June

Material Making Checklist Breakdown

Preparing Environments for Cultural Learning

15th of June

Resources for Preparing your environment

Preparing an Environment for Music Play