Hello Rock and Roll Daycare Families and Staff!

Ubuntu is the Nguni Bantu word meaning “humanity.” It can also be translated as “I am because we are”. Ubuntu philosophy inspires us to help others, share our resources, and work for the common good. We think about these beautiful ideals as we welcome you and your family to journey with us during the months of September/October to the country of South Africa. 

You have already received your child’s South African Rock and Roll Box earlier this month chock full of exciting materials including “When I Rock and Roll”, “Tembe and the Tree Spirit”, the South African Heritage Songbook, South African Curriculum Guide, Rock and Roll Planner, Tote Bag, South African t-shirt, and of course, your child’s personal Rainbow Glockenspiel! We have a global team of artists and educators from Mexico, Canada, and Nepal, as well as the United States that collaborate each month to put together these cultural and music resources.

As you enjoy these carefully crafted materials, consider adding times during your child’s evening or weekend routine to engage in singing songs, reading stories, and undertaking the activities included in the books. What better way to close out your day than by sitting down and learning something alongside your child.

As an added resource, we would like to share with you a series of Animated videos which accompany each of the songs from the South African Songbook. Sing along to the animated lyric videos to engage your child with the content in a new way. And if your child enjoys playing the Rainbow Glockenspiel, then play along with the South African Sheet Music videos at 3 different speeds and levels of difficulty. We’ve also included electronic versions of all three South African books for your convenience. 

Enjoy your trip to South African this fall. We’ve taken great pleasure in preparing these materials for you, and we hope you have a meaningful journey!


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