The Importance of Keeping a Journal and How Rock & Roll Daycare Can Help

As we all settle into the New Year, many of us are trying new things. This could be in the form of a hobby, sport, or other activity.


For some, this activity can be keeping a journal. Some may think this just means keeping a diary of your deepest, darkest secrets. Journaling goes much deeper than that.


While a journal is a place to write down your private thoughts, it’s also a place where you can be mindful and examine your intentions. Just as we talked about before on the Rock & Roll Daycare blog, setting intentions is a great route to take for the New Year versus setting resolutions. 


Intentions are a plan or roadmap while a resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something. When we make resolutions rather than intentions, we can set ourselves up for failure if we don’t stay true to our resolutions.


Journaling can help because it can be a tool to set those intentions. It makes them more real when you see them down on paper.


Here are some other reasons why keeping a journal is important and may be something you want to try in 2021.


Track Important Decisions


When you’re journaling, you’re writing down the thoughts that may lead you to make important decisions. A journal can help you keep track of what led you to make these decisions and what the ultimate result was. Think of a journal as a small history book of your thoughts and decisions.


Track Your Progress

As you journal about your thoughts and the events in your life, you can see how you are changing. This is especially important if you’re setting goals and taking actions to make them a reality. You can see what’s worked to get you to where you want to go and what you may have to work on to get there.

Explore Your Thoughts

While you may not express all of your thoughts out loud, you may let them all go in a journal. A journal is a great place to write down whatever is on your mind. You can reflect on your feelings and thoughts in a judgment-free zone. This is one of the many reasons why people enjoy journaling.


Journaling with Rock & Roll Daycare



At Rock & Roll Daycare, we recognize the importance of journaling, and that is why we offer journals for our nannies and teachers. Our journals provide daily check-ins while giving useful mindfulness tips that they can use at work and at home.


By journaling, our nannies and teachers are also given a checklist space to write in as well as space for planning. In this area, they can talk about the best parts of the day and what may need improvement. This is helpful as everyone tries to improve the experience for our students and staff. Nannies and teachers can also take advantage of the “something to think about” tips that are included.





There are times when we could all use words of encouragement. This is why there is a monthly encouraging quote as well as fun activities for the month. It can’t be all work and no play! We all need balance in our lives!



Each journal is available bi-monthly and also talks specifically about the country that is being taught in our programs for those two months. Right now, we’re focusing on China and its customs and culture.


At Rock & Roll Daycare, we pride ourselves in providing the resources that our staff needs to give children a well-rounded experience that is rooted in the Montessori method. We love that we can take the importance of journaling and use it in our teaching methods.


Journaling is something that we can benefit from as we start this New Year. Taking the time to be mindful and present will benefit you and everyone around you.


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