The Benefits of Rock & Roll Daycare

When you need to send your child to daycare, you not only want to find a safe environment but one where your child can flourish. While the caregivers will certainly be watching your children, you don’t want to settle for a “babysitter”. You want to invest in a daycare with people who want to see your child develop and can offer inventive programs.






That’s where Rock & Roll Daycare comes in. 

From infants to preschool-aged children, Rock & Roll Daycare proves that it enriches the lives of all children who attend.

What Happens at Rock & Roll Daycare?


When you bring your child to Rock & Roll Daycare, you are placing them in an environment that embraces the Montessori method of teaching. Children learn how to initiate and guide their own learning so that they can go at their own pace. 


From a very young age, they also learn how to respect their peers and their teachers. This is something they can carry with them their entire lives.

Rock & Roll Daycare Values


At Rock & Roll Daycare, there are several values that we hold close to us. These include encouraging children to speak kindly and help one another. Our staff also empowers children to experiment and try new things. In this way, they are constantly growing.


As the name suggests, we live music at Rock & Roll Daycare. Children learn how to appreciate music, culture, and art. We also strive to help children work in an orderly way and be independent. 

Music at Rock & Roll Daycare


You can expect your child to receive a diverse musical experience at Rock & Roll Daycare. From infancy through age six, they will learn through the Fiddlefox curriculum. Fiddlefox brings music from around the world to children. This can include anything from dancing to Peruvian songs to singing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” in Italian. Children spend a lot of time honing their musical skills through a variety of lessons as well as independent music play.


The music centers at Rock & Roll Daycare feature a variety of instruments with different sounds that are appropriate to each child’s age group. Children can also work on developing their fine motor skills. Preschool children can have the opportunity to practice their chosen instruments in classes as part of their daily routine.


There are also group music classes where students learn how to interact with their peers as well as respect everyone around them while learning different types of music. 


We know how important it is for children to show off their musical talents and what they’ve learned. That’s why we hold special performance events that allow them to do so.

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At Rock & Roll Daycare, we value each child and strive to make their time with us the best and most enriching it can be. Through music and the Montessori method of teaching, we can bring important lessons to children of all ages. It’s never to early for children to begin their learning journey. What better way to do it than through music?


To learn more about our programs call us at 857-259-5211 or visit us online. We look forward to speaking with you and sharing more information about our programs.


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