As part of our commitment to teaching about different cultures, we are continuing to focus on the United States for the rest of August. We’re teaching children everything from music to landmarks to fun facts about the amazing country they live in.

Sports is a big part of the culture in the United States. Many men, women, and children of all ages, watch or play sports (or both). That’s why one of our activities focuses on sports. It’s something very simple for the younger kids to do. They just need to pick out the seven baseballs in this picture.

But, did you know that baseball actually isn’t the most popular sport in America? Statistics show that football is the top fan-favorite here in the U.S. But, baseball follows right behind at number two, with basketball at number three. 

Although baseball isn’t the most popular sport, it is known as America’s favorite pastime. Many people wonder why baseball is America’s favorite pastime and not football. 

Here’s why…

Baseball has been around since the 19th century while football didn’t really take off until the mid-20th century. The National and American Leagues of professional baseball were established in 1971. This made baseball the first professional American sport. Having this title is one of the reasons why baseball is being called our nation’s pastime.

Although baseball may not be the top fan-favorite, there are plenty of kids who love playing. Many little ones enjoy tee-ball and little leagues. This gets them interested in the sport at a young age.

As we talk about the United States at our centers and in our NannyShare program, we tell kids all about American culture, including fun facts about sports they may watch or play. We believe kids should be well-rounded, learning about music, sports, and the arts. 

Our teachers find fun ways to incorporate all of these things into their lessons. Our curriculum and guidebooks give teachers the foundation they need to bring lessons to life. These are lessons that many kids enjoy and go home telling their families about. We love when our “Rock and Roll” lessons have this impression on our students.

At Rock and Roll Daycare, we are always finding fun ways to get kids engaged. Our Instagram page is full of fun FREE activities that kids can do right at home. This is just one way we can stay connected and keep kids excited about learning. Be sure to check in regularly to see what we’ve got going on! 


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