Spotlight on India: Rock & Roll Daycare Helps to Bring India-Themed Activities to Your Home

Introducing your child to new cultures and ideas is so important when they’re young. We all know kids are like little sponges. They absorb so much and are open-minded to learning new things. When they do learn new ideas and skills, they are always eager to share them with everyone they know. This helps other people to learn from some of the youngest people they know!


At Rock & Roll Daycare, we believe in introducing children to cultures from around the world. It’s part of our curriculum and it’s something that we pride ourselves on. These lessons, as well as all others, are all Montessori-inspired. 


Learning about other cultures, such as the Indian culture, isn’t something that only happens at our daycare or in a classroom setting. There are activities you can do at home with your children to bring the Indian culture into your home.


We’re going to share a couple of ideas here from our Indian curriculum guide. These are some great ideas for kids to work on during the long Thanksgiving holiday when they’re spending more time at home. These activities are better than them having more screen time. Check them out and see how much your child enjoys them! 


Ghungroo Ankle Bells



Ghungroo are ankle bells that dancers wear to accent live music with their feet. You can make a pair at home.


You’ll need:

  • Yarn
  • Small bells



  1. Cut the yarn into three strands and tie them together at the top. 
  2. Braid the strands together, threading a bell onto one of the strands every few braids.
  3. Continue braiding until the desired length around the ankle is achieved. 
  4. Attach to the ankle, tying the two ends together. 
  5. Dance and have fun! 





Rangoli are colorful designs made to decorate the doorways of homes on special holidays. You can help your child make their temporary rangoli design on the floor or clean flat surface. You can also put glue on a piece of paper to preserve your work.


You’ll need:

  • Colored sand 
  • Pouring bottles 
  • Paper Glue (optional)



  1. If you’re preserving the design, completely cover one side of a piece of paper in glue. If not, skip this step. 
  2. Pour the colored sand in different designs.
  3. If gluing, allow time for the sand to dry before pouring off the excess sand and displaying.


Practice Yoga



Yoga’s roots date back to 3000 BCE in the Indus Valley. Through the years, it has become a widely popular form of movement and meditation. 


Yoga isn’t just for adults. There are plenty of children who practice yoga as well. There are many short yoga videos online that demonstrate poses that are easy for children to do. You can learn a few and do them with your child as you explain the roots of yoga.


These are just a few activities that are inspired by Indian culture. By just introducing a few ideas, you’re helping your child to appreciate the people of other countries and their culture which is something we all know is important these days.

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