To use the Music Lessons:

Read the instructions below, and refer to the instructional video

When presenting to children, use the Brazilian Heritage Songbook and Recording

Read & Sing:

  • “The Top” in the Brazilian Heritage Songbook in English and Portuguese

Play & Move:

  • Have the children join hands and form a circle, called the “rim”.
  • Choose one child to be the “top” (this role should rotate each time the song repeats), and have them let go of the other children’s hands and go to the middle of the rim.
  • Stepping in time to the music, have the “top” spin in any direction that they want, and the children forming the rim must follow and spin in the same direction.


  • Allow the “top” to change directions or pause midway through the song, and the rim should follow.
  • Require the “top” and the “rim” to spin while only jumping with one foot.
  • Increase/decrease the speed of the song

Instructional Video


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