Food coloring, Mason Jar, Shaving Cream (Foam not Gel), Pipettes and Water.


1. Mix blue food coloring with a small amount of water

2. Fill wide mouth jar or clear glass nearly to the top with water

3. Add shaving cream on top of the water to create a “fluffy cloud”

4. Let the shaving cream settle for a couple of minutes

5. Invite your child to slowly add food coloring “rain” to the “cloud” using the pipettes

6. Continue to add drops of “rain” into the cloud


  1. Observe what happens!
  2. After a couple of minutes you will see the “rain” coming out of the cloud into
    the water
  3. Ask your child what they see
  4. Verbalize what you see
  5. Invite your child to record their observations on the same piece of paper that
    their predictions were written on.
  6. Observations can be through pictures and/or words!
  7. Explain to your child the science behind the experiment

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