Orchestra Program

Rock and Roll Daycare Orchestra Program

Core values:

  • Commitment to diverse musical learning
  • Every child is innately creative and will reach his/her potential when given tools for self-expression
  • Every child has an ability to experience and create music in a unique and profound way and opening up this belief leads to freedom and abilities to dream in other areas of life
  • When we take short cuts in education we short change our youth therefore providing access to a high quality education within a supportive joy-filled environment fosters youth development and innumerable possibilities
  • Lifelong learning has no roadblocks leading to greater impact, musical excellence, refined strategies, and a refreshing approach to embracing new ideas with the end goal of providing an immersive environment that encourages students to take risks in their creative journeys

Guiding Principles

  • Access and Excellence
    • We believe that giving access to community based music making for all children promotes pro-social behavior, strengthens music making, builds life-long friendships, and impacts the quality of the individual and collective music making.   We also believe that excellence matters and studies show the quality of the instruction directly correlates to student outcomes.
  • Community Based
    • The atmosphere that is grown through an intensive ensemble experience strengthens ties between families and creates pride within a neighborhood or composed community.
  • Intensity
    • Intensive music instruction that is more than once a week leads to exponential progress.   Daily practice leads to ability and ability leads to skill which then leads to success which then overtime creates motivation which then creates a desire for daily practice
  • Ensemble
    • Group learning coupled with strategic individual attention can create an incredible furnace for learning.   The orchestra becomes a model society where individual actions have an immediate effect on the community thereby teaching the inter-connectedness of life and humanity. When the ensemble is the focus of the learning, the child has an opportunity to learn how their personal progress can positively strengthen the community ensemble.
  • Teaching Artist
    • The teacher as equally an artist, co-learner, and leader demonstrates a holistic model to the community giving the students a living example of the values for which the community is striving.
  • Multi-year continuum
    • We believe our children are best served and make the most progress when taken through a methodical multi-year sequence that has various learning objectives and community goals along the way.
  • Family and community inclusion
    • The Orchestra is a strong symbol of a thriving diverse community and we believe that music making can create an inclusive atmosphere that promotes stronger bonds between parents and children while also creating connections between families within an ensemble.
  • Ambition: Dare to Aspire
    • We believe the intersection of striving for excellence and community for the sake of sonorous beauty leads to intrinsically motivated youth with a greater capacity to believe that he/she can tackle other roadblocks in life. This can also promote a lifestyle of joy-fueled striving and a lifetime of seeking meaningful community engagement opportunities.
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