Non-Musical Parents

Download our new e-Book, “What Non-Musical Parents Can Teach Their Kids About Music”


After you’ve read the book, please participate in the Discussion! Join our fellow challengers, and respond to the challenges below, or as you read one of our e-books for Non-Musical Parents.


CHALLENGE #1: Listen to some music or learn something musical with your child and talk about it together.



CHALLENGE #2: Pick one of the following activities and try it with your child:


a. Listen to music together. Turn on some music in your car. Put some music on at home. You can
event watch music videos (be smart on this one though). But don’t leave it there.

Talk about it.
Was it fast or slow? How did it make you feel? Was it happy or sad?


b. Learn about musicians or composers and listen to their music.


c. Get a music app for your device or computer. Make sure you use
the program along with your child. Help them engage with the program and ask them questions about it.
Learn how to play the game yourself.


d.  Get a children’s songbook.


e. Play a musical game together


f. Last, practice or prepare on your own, and then share with your child.



CHALLENGE #3: Have a dance party with your kids.



CHALLENGE #4: Find someone who plays an instrument you’re interested in. Ask them if they have a concert you could go to, or if they would be available to meet up to talk about music over coffee. Make a friend. And don’t be afraid to bring your kids.