Monthly Teacher Resources – March/April 2020

Welcome to Great Britain


During the age of exploration, sailors set sail from England hoping to find more trade routes and people to exchange goods with, instead they found many different types of civilizations and people. During these times, it was common for english sailors to take over the land of other people which they encountered. The British Empire ruled in many countries around the world as well as fought in many wars.


We hope the information below is helpful, insuring, and exciting for your use during the British cultural cycle from March 1-April 30th. Please use these materials as a starting point for ideas, and present each material at least once during cycle time during these two months.

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3-Part Card Printouts

The British 3-part card packets help children find order in their world. First introduce one category alone for naming. Then, mix with other categories for sorting, comparing, and contrasting. Have children try matching on their own. After several turns, try asking “where is…”. Then, ask them “what is this…?”


British Lesson Plans & Materials

Engage with over one dozen activities to support learning around the British isles. These easy to use lesson plans will  help jumpstart your classroom’s cultural content, and provide guidance for many of the new materials entering your classrooms these months.

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Tom Tit Tot

When the Queen is tasked with an impossible demand, a strange little man promises to help for free – if she can guess his name. This cherished English folktale is retold for young children, educators, and families, with lush illustrations inspired by Medieval art.


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British Heritage Songbook

Meet the Muffin Man, play upon a ladle, and sail the big ship on the alley alley-o with the British Heritage Songbook from Fiddlefox. Read, sing, and play along with beloved children’s music from across the pond.


British Movies and Short Videos

Watch videos from Britain, and video content from the British Heritage Songbook Series from Fiddlefox.

This is London

British Book List

List of great books about Britain that you can find at your local library or add to your purchase list for this month!

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British Activity Book

Engage your classroom with additional content to supplement the British Heritage Songbook. Children’s activity pages, games, and American sign language provide further learning opportunities into British culture.

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