Montessori Music Lab

Throughout the 2017-18 school year, Rock and Roll Daycare students will be introduced to new classroom materials designed to offer a deeper understanding of music notation in the style of Montessori teaching tools by the research and development wing of our organization, the Montessori Music Lab. These materials will be introduced and studied by our staff over the course of the school year beginning with our oldest preschool students and moving slowly to our youngest students. The materials offer hands-on, self-correcting tasks that will develop a child’s musical sensibility and prepare him or her to read music notation at the elementary level. Montessori Music Lab will also publish new illustrated songbooks and music recordings based on our Cultural Currents curriculum to strengthen the connection between music learning in the classroom and at home.

These materials will be the basis for our cultural studies, and we are urging families to bring the music to life in your home by using these beautiful books and audio recordings. This unique program offers parents an opportunity through music and culture to create a stronger bond with their children by extra curricular parent/child events and classes, such as International Night, Family Singalongs, and Training Sessions. Find Upcoming Events.

Contributors include New York based music producer Marc Diaz, GRAMMY award winning recording engineer, Jeremy Loucas, Illustrator Gabriela Issa Chacon, and Montessori Music Lab founders, Christopher Vuk and Phil Berman.

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