January 28th, 2020

Hello RRDC Community!

So glad to meet with our candidates for the position of Curriculum Coordinator this week!


Here are your Tuesday Training Tools!


Monthly Theme: The Prepared Environment


Weekly Focus: “Does this work support CCOI?

(Coordination, Concentration, Order, Independence)


Please watch the following video to learn more about our weekly focus:



Additional resources and videos can be found in our training section on our website! View Full Powerpoint.


As always, let us know if you have any questions!

Happy Learning!



  • Claire Schneider says:

    Hi Barbara! I’m suggesting smooth jazz for the theme song! Anyways, thank you for the reminder of CCOI, it really helps take the pressure off me of training all of the new teachers!!! There was one thing I did want to ask you; is there anyway possible we may be able to add pictures to the shelves for photographs of the work that belongs there? It not only really helped the kids when we had them but it helped the teachers. More then ever now with all of the new teachers coming through. Just a question 🙂 thank you!!

  • DJ says:

    Hi Barb!

    Love it, I am new to RRDC and absolutely like the CCOI concept. I will get to know this better as the week progresses with my co teacher who’s familiar with it.

    Thank you !

    • skyndy suffrin says:

      Hello BarB!

      I remember of fun CCOI was last year with the younger Toddler, Now I am working with the Toddler B I just can’t wait to experience CCOI with them and be more creative with my lessons plan. 🙂

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