January 21st, 2020

Hello RRDC Community!

So glad to see everyone at the development day this week!


Here are your Tuesday Training Tools!


Monthly Theme: Respect for the Child


Weekly Focus: ““Help guide the child who is in search of an activity or


Please watch the following video to learn more about our weekly focus:



Additional resources and videos can be found in our training section on our website! View full Powerpoint


As always, let us know if you have any questions!

Happy Learning!



  • Claire says:

    Hi Barb! 🙂 As a visual learner myself, I very much enjoyed the seed analogy you used in the beginning of the video to help represent what our classroom’s main goal is; to nurture the child with support and guidance to learn their letters, numbers, words, etc. I have successfully engaged a child before who was having issues making friends and being social. To combat that problem, when we would get a brand new work, I would have him try it first to draw friends towards him to play. Many times I have to model how to use the spice grinder and I don’t even have to verbally invite friends, they will come over and ask for a turn. Thanks to this video I will no longer use the words “let’s find a work!” or “go find a work!” due to your restaurant analogy, it put it in a different perspective for me. Thanks Barbara! We love you!

  • skyndy suffrin says:

    this video was very helpful, on how to talk to children when it comes to give them options. I will start using them ,especially when I want them to move on to another activity and see how they will respond.

  • DJ says:

    Hi Barb,

    I really like this weeks training tool! When it comes to helping a child search for an activity or work within the classroom, it is really essential to make sure we as teachers are using the right language. Our Toddlers for sure need gentle reminders every second of the day and I do understood that they are still in a learning process. My team will focus on this for the week. Thank you!

  • evelyn medrano says:

    i enjoy the fact that we are learning to understand the larger role we play and that we can start to change the way kids have been limited due to how little we knew about how much they can do

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