Resources, Books, & Recordings

Jamaican Heritage Songbook – This fully illustrated songbook collects four beloved Jamaican songs in Jamaican Patois and English. Play along with the rainbow sheet music at home and stream the official Fiddlefox recordings below.

Anansi and the Yam Hills – A wiley spider takes a unique situation to mislead his friends. Will his trickery lead to trouble? This classic Jamaican tale is lovingly retold and illustrated by Fiddlefox to accompany our Jamaican cultural curriculum.

Jamaican Curriculum Guide – Support your child’s learning with a deeper cultural context with activities, coloring pages, discussion topics, craft ideas, ASL interpretation, and lesson plan ideas collected in this invaluable resource.

Jamaican Heritage Songbook

Anansi and the Yam Hills

Jamaican Curriculum Guide

Jamaican Songbook Music Recordings

Jamaica  – Music Playlist

Animated Videos

Four animated Singalong Videos featuring the music of the Jamaican Heritage Songbook, and corresponding Sheet Music videos for children to learn along with the music.

Banana Boat

Mango Time

Rocky Road

Moonshine Tonight

Banana Boat

Mango Time

Rocky Road

Moonshine Tonight

Teaching Resources

Instructional videos featuring original games and lesson plans from the Jamaican Heritage Curriculum Guide

Rocky Road Drum Challenge

Tonight We Curtsy and Bow

Setting up 3 Part Cards

Spider 3 Part Cards

Spider Puzzle

Weekly Music Classes

Join in on our Weekly Pre-Recorded Fiddlefox Music Classes

Weekly Music Class – 2.16

Weekly Music Class – 2.23