How Learning an Instrument Can Change the Brain

At Rock and Roll Daycare it’s no secret that we love using music to teach children all types of lessons. Incorporating our music lessons with the Montessori method, students at our centers and in our NannyShare programs not only have fun but are also learning something in the process.

During many of our lessons, we use musical instruments to bring things to life for kids. We all know kids like to experiment and try new things. What’s better than musical instruments? 

Besides being fun, did you know that learning an instrument has many brain benefits?

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that will surely be music to your ears.

Learning an Instrument and the Brain

When anyone learns a musical instrument all parts of the brain are involved. From the parts that process vision to the ones involving sound, movement, and memory, a lot is going on in the brain when music is at play.

More Powerful Brain Functions

Brain scans have pointed out differences between musicians and non-musicians. One study pointed out that kids that do just 15 months of musical training have more powerful structural and functional brain changes than kids who had no training.

Increased Memory

Learning and practicing music may increase memory. Structural changes in the brain happen in the area that involves learning and memory. An important process for learning and memory in the brain is called neurogenesis. This involves the formation of new neurons. Researchers believe that musical practice can improve this process.

Language Development

In other studies, researchers have uncovered that people who learn and practice music have brains that are more structurally and functionally connected. This can lead to increased language development and other cognitive functions. They also found that the earlier someone started learning a musical instrument, the stronger these connections were. 

Increases Multisensory Skills

Learning music can help to increase multisensory skills because it requires people to process sights, sounds, and touch all at the same time. This is important as kids grow because it’s vital to be able to multitask when it comes to different sounds and images coming at them.

Strengthens the Brain’s Executive Functions

When we talk about the executive functions of the brain we’re referring to things like problem-solving, controlling behavior, and making good choices. A study found that learning a musical instrument improves and strengthens executive functions in the brain. The thought is that if you can improve the brain’s executive functions you can be more productive. This can truly benefit kids as they become adults.

At Rock and Roll Daycare, we love hearing about the benefits of music because so much of our curriculum centers around it. We are just wrapping up our study of the Mexican culture, including all of the vibrant and rhythmic music it includes. Children are learning songs with our Mexican Heritage SongBook. 

We also host weekly live events on our Instagram page with our Fridays with Phil series. Here you’ll not only find fun free musical activities but also activities for the kids. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with all of the exciting things happening at our Rock and Roll Daycare centers and with our NannyShare program. 


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