Smart Lunches is excited to be part of the Rock & Roll community and to serve our custom lunches to all the children at each site.  When we launched our service, we received feedback from the parents and the staff at Rock & Roll that our existing menu was unable to meet the needs of several lunchers with severe allergies and dietary restrictions.  It is important to us that every child be able to enjoy a tasty lunch every day, so our culinary team engaged immediately and worked with Rock & Roll to develop an entirely new array of delicious, allergy-friendly lunches which we were able to offer to the Rock & Roll community only a week after first receiving the feedback.  We’re now proud to offer many of these delicious lunches – which are gluten free, dairy free, egg free, and vegetarian – company-wide.  Check out some of our innovations such as Vegetarian Pad Thai (with sunbutter!), Ratatouille, and Cauliflower/Tofu Tikka Masala!

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Busy parents – even busy parents – want their kids to eat healthy food that they love. The problem is, it’s tough to pull off, especially when the kids are away from home.


Smart Lunches helps thousands of families in the Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and Washington DC areas feed their kids fun, healthy lunches at school, daycare or camp. With Smart Lunches, it’s simple and affordable for parents to feed their kids fun, nutritious lunches that actually get eaten!


We’re committed to providing convenient child nutrition while giving back to the schools and communities we partner with.


Innovative Lunching Model


Smart Lunches is the most innovative lunch provider you’re likely to encounter. Our cost structure is low and we’re very agile. Yes, that’s business-speak, but it’s important. It’s the secret sauce by which we provide great meals, great variety, and great value for the families we serve.


Essentially, Smart Lunches is a virtual lunch service, in the best sense of the word. We focus on the things we do better than anyone else, and partner with local experts to do the rest. Our in-house chefs and nutritionists create large, varied lunch menus filled with tasty hot and cold main dishes, sides, snacks, soups and drinks. Our chefs’ recipes are all 100% nut-free, nutrient-dense, sensible about salt and sugar, and served in portion sizes appropriate for kids of several different age groups.


Parents order meals using our award-winning online interface, according to the schedule and plan that best suits their needs. Then, early every morning, a carefully-vetted local caterer prepares the day’s meals in close proximity to each kid’s school, daycare or camp. Smart Lunches’ meals are remarkably fresh and tasty. All of our caterer partners are highly trained in using Smart Lunches’ standard recipes and procedures, which ensures quality and consistency in every one of our partner organizations.


Well-trained local drivers then deliver the lunches to each of our partner schools, daycares and camps by 11:30 the same morning. Meals arrive in specialty constructed, eco-friendly packaging that keeps hot items hot and cold items cold with minimal environmental impact.


While all of this is going on, the Smart Lunches team makes sure that everything runs smoothly, and that each of our partners and customers receives the highest level of service and meal quality possible.




Smart Lunches is a young company, and we’re growing quickly. We’ve built a unique, innovative company and culture, and we’re determined to stay true to our values, no matter how large or how quickly we grow:


CONNECT, CULTIVATE AND KEEP: We will treat our customers, partners and caterers with great care, passion and integrity, seeking to make their lives better with every interaction.


PURSUE PERFECTION WITH PASSION: We are never satisfied. We’re proud, proactive and determined to delight our customers in every possible way. Always!


THINK BIG: Our vision is big, and we constantly think about new and better solution. Then, we do everything we can to make them happen.


GET IT DONE TOGETHER: Our culture is marked by a shared commitment to do the right thing for each other, while having fun being a part of something bigger than we are.

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