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Our teachers and caregivers are trained, ready and excited to help spark creative moments for your child. We invite you to visit and see our Fiddlefox approach in action.


Daily Music Exposure Develops Beautiful Children

We believe that daily participation in music and the arts builds better people. Dive into some of the research that puts some data behind this claim.


Hello from the Director, Jenn Silva

I love the different approach to learning, supporting the freedom in my teachers and the children when utilizing that curriculum, and the sense of community. Whether it’s in the center or across all of Rock and Roll, you can always find a friendly face!

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Has the pandemic changed the way you’re educating your child?

If so, you’re not alone!

It’s expected that the number of homeschooled children will increase by at least 10 percent this year. Is your household included in this number?

While many parents are taking the job of homeschooling on themselves, others can’t due to work commitments. Even for parents working from home, the balance of watching and educating their children combined with their own workload is just too much to handle. Does this sound familiar?

We thought so! If you want to learn more, check out the blog. Link in bio.

When you think about happy music, what songs come to mind?⁣

Probably something upbeat, catchy, and fast-paced. Think about how it makes you feel. It’s kinda hard to be in a bad mood when there’s happy music playing. 🎶 ⁣

But, is there such a thing as a “Happy Song” for babies?⁣


Grammy-winning composer and vocalist Imogen Heap was asked a couple of years to put together a song guaranteed to make babies happy. It had all the right ingredients so it undoubtedly made babies happy. If you take a listen to it yourself, happiness is pretty much guaranteed! 🎻💖⁣

To learn more about how music affects babies’ emotions, check out the link in bio. 🎶⁣

At Rock and Roll Daycare, music is part of the everyday curriculum. We use music as an everyday teaching tool and incorporate music centers to allow children to freely explore different music at their own pace. 🎶⁣

How do you expose your children to all types of music? Share your thoughts with us!⁣

Can babies distinguish between happy and sad music?⁣

Since we can, it makes sense that our babies should be able to pick up on the vibes too!⁣
Over the years, researchers have been spending time exposing babies to different types of music. They played happy and sad music to see how babies reacted and if they could tell when the music was switched.⁣

They had them stare at emotionally neutral faces. The babies tended to look away when they were picking up on a similar song, but when it was changed to happy music, they started to stare longer. 🎶⁣

The result?⁣
Researchers say their reaction shows babies can tell the difference between happy and sad music. To learn more about the study and about the effects of happy music on babies, check out the link in bio! You can try your own experiment by playing happy and sad music and see how your baby reacts!🎻💖

Montessori vs Traditional Learning? ⁣

One of the big differences between Montessori classrooms and traditional classrooms is that they are based on student-centered lessons rather than teacher-centered ones. ⁣

🎶 Montessori classrooms are set up so students can find the materials they need as they progress. ⁣

Traditional learning is also based around a set curriculum with a certain amount of time allotted for each activity. Once the time is over, they move on to the next lesson.⁣

🎶 In a Montessori classroom, children learn and work at their own pace. They can work on a lesson for as long as it takes for them to understand and complete it. ⁣

In a traditional classroom, teachers are often the ones who have to settle a conflict.⁣

🎶 In a Montessori classroom, children learn conflict-resolution skills to settle their own issues. This helps to develop self-discipline and social awareness.⁣

If you are interested in learning more about the Montessori method, contact us! ⁣
At Rock and Roll Daycare, we embrace the ideas of music, Montessori, and cultural education:6call us at 857-259-5211. 🎻💖

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Can Babies Distinguish Between Happy and Sad Music?

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