December 10th,2019

Hello RRDC Community!

Happy Tuesday! This week’s training tool is a review/ check-in video. I review curriculum procedures and expectations, include a few friendly reminders and explain a few topics in detail based on the feedback/ questions I have been recently receiving.


Here is the link for the video:


Also, I have attached the Powerpoint and other related documents.


Next week I will be doing LIVE Zoom calls and will be sending out 3 different times for teachers to sign on and join. There have been lots of requests to bring back the Live calls as teachers have expressed how helpful it was to have time talking with other teachers. There will be no formal agenda for these calls- Q & A and any other topics teachers want to discuss will be welcomed and encouraged.


As always, please let us know if you have any questions!!





Material Making Checklist

Creating_Alignment_about_Ground_Rules IT


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