What are the policies around reopening?

Please refer to the Rock and Roll Daycare Policies for Reopening


What will the child transition plan look like?

Rock and Roll Daycare will institute the following child transition plan as of the first day of reopening.

  • Day 1: 830-1030am
  • Day 2: 830-1230pm
  • Day 3: 830-330pm
  • Day 4: Normal Schedule


If I’m not ready to start yet, can I hold my child’s spot until our family is ready to return to care?

Yes! If you would like to hold a spot at Rock and Roll Daycare, you may do so with a return date of no later than Sept 8, 2020. Families electing to hold their spot may continue to do so by providing a hold fee of $500/month.


What are the prices/policies around NannyShare?

Please refer to the NannyShare Handbook


Can I use NannyShare, and then transfer back to center-based care?

Yes! One of the reasons we are providing in-home care is to provide an alternative to families who don’t feel comfortable returning to center-based care. You may request a transfer back to in-center care at a pre-planned date, or at such time as you are ready to pursue in-center care once again.

New families who join NannyShare may elect to be automatically entered into the interest group for Rock and Roll Daycare, and transition into in-center care when it becomes available.


How long will NannyShare be available?

Rock and Roll NannyShare will continue to provide in-home care for as long as families are requesting for it to last. Our priority is to provide current Rock and Roll Daycare families with care options, and once that need has been satisfied, we may elect to provide this service to others. 


Can I apply the funds from my March 23rd payment to Rock and Roll NannyShare and/or do I continue to need to pay a hold fee to return to center based care? (Current Rock and Roll Daycare families only)

Once you are enrolled and receiving care by means of Rock and Roll NannyShare all future hold fees will be waived. You may also elect to use your March 23rd payment towards NannyShare, and a credit/debit will be applied to your account depending upon your individual situation. Auto-Billing is completed on the 1st of each month for NannyShare, and is a direct debit from your bank account via Brightwheel. 


Will Rock and Roll NannyShare hire additional educators?

Rock and Roll NannyShare will provide a matching home educator for approval. Upon reopening of Rock and Roll Daycare centers, and in the case that both center based care and nanny sharing exceed the current population of RRDC teachers, then additional caregivers will be hired to provide in-home care.


Is it possible to have the nanny share go from June 22 to Sep 4?



For the NannyShare would we need to provide a crib? a high chair? other items?

Families will be required to provide an item specific to their child such as a crib/pack ‘n plan, high chair, sleeping mat/pillow. A full list of suggested will be provided during registration.


Will children be required to social distance from each other and be told to stay away from other children? This would not provide a great growth and mental well-being environment for the children if they are not allowed to interact and play together.

Due to state requirements, we will be encouraging children to engage in conversation and play at safe distances, and to engage in independent work.


What if my child gets a regular cold, lasting 2-3 days? Will isolation of 10-14 days still be required? What if my child gets flushed during the summer season (pink cheeks) but isn’t actually sick?

Flushed cheeks will not be reason for a child not to be admitted for care. Any illness will require a doctor’s note/email to return to the program.


How will the groups of 3 toddlers go outside with a nanny?

Outdoor play will occur in the host family backyard if possible. In the case that a public park needs to be used, then strollers will be requested for non-walking toddlers. Walking toddlers may be requested to use a child walking rope.


Are there any plans to provide the infant teachers with transparent face masks, so that the infants can still learn communication skills and expressions?

Rock and Roll Daycare is providing custom face masks for all staff members. Transparent face masks are not being provided at this time.


Will plates, forks, spoons, cups, etc. be provided for lunch and snacks?

Families will need to provide disposable flatware/silverware or a reusable set to return home for washing.


Is the hold fee credited to the account if we are not ready to return until later?

Hold fees may be used to maintain your child’s enrollment through September 1st.


Is Huron Ave village center going to be opened on June 22nd? If not, when will it be?

We are working directly with our EEC licensor to schedule our final inspection date for the opening of the Huron Village facility.


Is it possible to start back with day care in the middle of the month (for example, July 15)?



Normally, I pick up my child at 4:00. With the new protocol does she have to remain at school until 5:00?

No, you may pick up earlier if you wish.


If unenrolling for September, can my deposit be applied to the final payment to the nanny share?



Will water and milk be provided to the children?

Yes, water and milk will be provided in disposable cups.


My child was enrolled in Rock&Roll before COVID. Because of our unique circumstances, we’d ideally like to resume daycare or a nanny share in September. How will that deferred re-enrollment work & what are the expected costs?

Please see the link for the NannyShare Handbook. Any difference between Rock and Roll Daycare and Rock and Roll NannyShare fees will be credited towards your future payments.


What will be in the outdoor play area at Broadway? And how big is this area?

The back deck at Broadway will be used as the outdoor play area. We will be removing the trash barrels from this area, conducting a cleaning of the deck, and repurposing it with outdoor materials.


Will 4-day or 3-day weeks be available for in-center care?

Please contact for more information.


What is the deadline to complete the intent to return form?

Wednesday, June 17th at 11.59pm


Will Inman Square RRDC reopen before the outdoor play space is built?

All centers will use public parks due to the change in the EEC regulations. It is still our intention to convert the rear area of the building to an outdoor play area.


Is your nanny share program regulated by the EEC at all?


EEC does not regulate NannyShare programs.


How do the new guidelines released 6/16 change your plans?


Please see our updated Policies for Reopening above.


Who will the teachers be in the rooms? We have requested this information many times and never received an answer. This is crucial for parents to know before attending daycare.


A list of your classroom teachers will be provided to you by your center director once an opening date has been provided by EEC.


Please specify in more detail and ideally provide a photo of the “non transparent, custom” face mask (no longer required by state regulations as of yesterday).


Teachers will use custom/reuseuable cloth masks which will be washed by each staff member daily.


We pre-paid for May, how does that impact families that are not comfortable sending their child on 6/22.


Families may return to the program in July, August, or September.

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