Chinese Music and More at Rock and Roll Daycare

Chinese Music and More at Rock and Roll Daycare


We all know music has so many benefits for kids. That’s one of the reasons why it’s such a big part of our curriculum at Rock and Roll Daycare. Besides all of the developmental bonuses, music is also a fun way to teach kids about different cultures.


Each month we put the spotlight on a different country and its customs. During February, we’ve been focusing on the month of China. Chinese New Year celebrations are going on during February, which means there is plenty of music as people mark the year of the Ox. 


Fun Facts about Chinese Music


Besides being melodic to the ear, there are some fun facts about Chinese music that you may have never known. Let’s check them out!



  • Music has been part of Chinese culture for centuries. Music in ancient China was used for everything from religious ceremonies to dance and entertainment.
  • The ancient Chinese were the first to divide musical instruments into groups. 
  • There were eight categories of musical instruments; silk, bamboo, hide, clay, gourd, metal, stone, and wood. They are still used in China today.
  • Silk instruments are mostly string instruments. The ancient Chinese used silk to make strings.
  • Metal was used to make bells and chimes.
  • Wood instruments were mostly used in ancient times.


These are just a few interesting things to note about Chinese music as you introduce it to your children.


Let the Music Play!


Chinese music is not only fun for kids to listen to, but it’s also fun to play and sing. This month, our students are being introduced to all types of Chinese music including the song listed below, Jasmine Flower.





Songs like that are part of our heritage series of books.





You can find more materials like this in our Rock and Roll subscription box that we will be offering through the public, so stay tuned!


Also, keep up to date about other interactive activities we offer on our Instagram page. We often have interesting discussions about music in the home and how you can bring it to life for your kids. Our Fridays with Phil series always has something fun. We offer IG lives on Fridays at 12:30 pm EST on our RRDC and RRNS Instagram accounts. Learn how to make a dragon mask or learn ASL for one of the songs. Check them out!


As always, if you want to learn more about our programs, contact us at 857-259-5211


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