Bringing the Chinese Culture to Life at Rock & Roll Daycare

At Rock & Roll Daycare, we take pride in teaching our students about different cultures. Kids are never too young to learn about the customs from people around the world. With the month of February being the time of Chinese New Year, we will be immersing our students in the Chinese culture through music, activities, and games.



Learning about China Through Music



Since music is a big part of our curriculum at Rock & Roll Daycare, it should come as no surprise that music is a big part of our China-based curriculum. Through our partner Fiddlefox program, children have access to a Chinese Heritage Songbook. This book provides songs and sounds that are specific to the Chinese culture. 





All of the things they are learning at our centers, they can bring home and share with their families. The hope is that families will continue the learning process when their children get home.

Fun Activities


When people see pandas, they may associate China with them. This is because the Chinese regard pandas as a symbol of friendship and peace. Many people think of pandas as a symbol of good luck also. During February, children will see pandas in lesson cards and games. 




They will also see plenty of dragons in the activities. The dragon is a symbol of power, strength, and good luck in East Asian culture. The dragon is also one of the twelve Chinese Zodiac symbols. Children will see coloring pages and other drawings of dragons.






The Chinese culture has so much to explore, especially with the New Year upon us. This year is the year of the Ox. Next week we’ll take a closer look at Chinese New Year and the meaning of the year of the Ox as well as other parts of our curriculum.


If you think your child would enjoy our curriculum or you would like to learn more about Rock & Roll Daycare, contact us. Call us at 857-259-5211 or visit us online. Find out why so many parents and kids love our facilities! 


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