Best Musical Instruments for Toddlers

When it comes to musical instruments for toddlers, some are better for others for little hands to start off with than others. You want to keep it simple and fun. If kids get frustrated, they’re going to stop playing. The whole experience could turn them off, which is not what you’re going for! The idea is to get them interested so that they’ll carry through as they get older.

With that said, what are the best musical instruments for toddlers? Let’s take a look.



You can’t go wrong with kids banging on things, right? This is one of the reasons why drums are one of the best musical instruments for toddlers. They can hear the beat and try to stick with it. Once they get the fundamentals of the rhythm, they can be well on their way to learning a new instrument. 





Xylophones are another great instrument for little ones to try. It is a good choice for kids who are not ready to learn chord-based instruments just yet. They still get the cause and effect of hitting the instrument and hearing it making noise.


Hand Bells

We know these can get a bit noisy, but they’re great for coordination. Many sets come with songbooks for kids to practice. This is a fun instrument for kids to try their hands at…no pun intended!





If your child is 3 and over, you may want to try the piano. It seems to be every parent’s dream for their child to play the piano. It’s best to start off easy to see how your child likes trying to play. They’re not going to play a masterpiece their first time around. But, if you see they genuinely enjoy playing, you may want to invest in some lessons.




A tambourine is fun for toddlers to try because there is an immediate cause and effect. They shake it and it plays music. It sounds fun and there isn’t much concentration needed.  This could open the door to other instruments.






A toy ukulele can be a fun toy for kids to try. They can start strumming and see the sounds the little guitar makes. They can also begin to learn coordination skills. While they may start with the ukulele, they may graduate to a small guitar as they get holder and get stronger to hold it. Whatever the case, it’s a good way to get them going.

No matter which instrument your child starts with, there are countless benefits to kids learning to play a musical instrument. They can self-confidence as they learn and they also gain patience and self-discipline. They need to be patient to get the hang of the instrument. As they get older and take lessons, they must also have the self-discipline to listen to their instructor if they want to really learn how to play. 

Children who learn how to play musical instruments also get some of their energy out as they play. It takes a lot of body movement and coordination to play an instrument. Learning how to play an instrument can give kids a place to channel all of their energy.

So, if you want to see how your toddler responds to musical instruments, give them a few to try that we mentioned. You’ll soon see which ones are really music to their ears. You could be planting the seed for the next Mozart or Beethoven.

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