Benefits of Group Music Classes

When kids hear music they start moving and grooving. It comes naturally for them and is something that they enjoy. This is why many schools use music as a teaching tool. Even at a young age, they can benefit from music classes that are done in a group setting.


If your child has never experienced a music class in a group setting, check out some of the ways they can benefit. We’re sure they’ll be music to your ears!


Helps kids Overcome Shyness and Make Friends


Not all children are born social butterflies. Some need a little coaxing to get out of their shells. Group music classes can help children do just that. As kids listen to the sounds, they’ll start moving and hopefully talking to other children next to them. When they begin to do this, they can start to build friendships. They will learn the foundations of social skills they can use during their entire lives.


Teaches Musical Skills



Even at the youngest age kids can learn musical skills. Concepts like rhythm and timing can be introduced to give kids an idea about how music works. While they may not get the whole picture, they’ll get little glimpses that they can build off of as they get older. Never underestimate the power of a child. They are little sponges who grasp concepts more quickly than most adults.


Children Learn to Work Together


In some music classes for younger students, each is given small instruments to make noise and learn how they work. This helps them to learn how to work together. While they may not be composing a musical masterpiece, they are slowly grasping how they can work together to make some great sounds.





This type of collaboration can also help kids learn how to share. One of the great things in group music classes is that students get to learn about a variety of instruments. This means they need to share whatever they are playing with at the time. We all know that sharing is not easy for all kids. This is just one of the ways group music classes can help them benefit.



Sparks Their Creativity


Musicians are creative people. Why not plant the seed early? At Rock and Roll Daycare, our teachers use a wide range of techniques to spark children’s creativity through music. Things like improvisation, puppetry, and collaborative storytelling can all help to get their little minds working.


Students at Rock and Roll Daycare learn how to sing, dance, shake and create during their group music classes. This is not only a great way to get them to be creative, but it also gets them moving which we know is so important for children.


We also let children discover music at their pace. In the spirit of Montessori teaching, we have music centers in our rooms that feature a variety of instruments for every age group. Children are encouraged to explore and try new things at their own pace.


Children Can Learn About Other Cultures


Music is often culturally inspired. During group music classes, children can learn about other cultures through music. This is a fun way to introduce them to cultures they may have never heard about before.


At Rock and Roll Daycare, we utilize musical programs through our parent company FiddleFoxMusic. This has many benefits, including how to help teach kids about other cultures through music. FiddleFox programs also help to give kids a deeper understanding of music notation.



These are just some of the many benefits of exposing your children to group music classes. As they learn in a group setting, they may begin to gravitate to certain instruments. This can lead to other musical instruction as they get older. Who knows, you may have the next concert pianist sitting right in your living room!


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