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When adults think of kitchens, thoughts of food and cooking, perhaps even good wine flood their mind. When parents of small children think of kitchens, it takes on a whole new meaning, not just because of the messes that are expected, but because of the real hazard a kitchen can be.


This article describes 6 good tips to help keep any kitchen safe for children.  


  1. Safety Gates
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Safety gates such as those used to prevent little ones from going up stairs are perfect when blocking them from getting in the kitchen. Have a special dinner to prepare? Close the gate so you’re not distracted and constantly worried about your kids touching something hot or making an unnecessary mess. If you’re worried about your kids roaming freely around the house, use various gates to create a playpen so they can’t escape. Amazon carries all gate lengths, sizes, colors and prices.


  1. Cover Electrical Outlets
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Photo retrieved from: http://www.toysrus.com/graphics/product_images/pTRU1-20377039enh-z6.jpg


Electricity outlets in the US unfortunately look like little faces that will intrigue small children. Countless times will small children try to stick their fingers in them, put coins and event eating utensils or food in them. That could lead to electrical shocks, and no one wants that. According to the National Fire Protection Association, every year 2,400 kids suffer severe shocks or burns from inserting items into electrical outlets. Therefore, consider buying them for cheap online, and saving your baby from being harmed. You can get 36 outlet covers for less than $5.


  1. Use a stove guard
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Photo retrieved from: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Prince-Lionheart-Stove-Guard/4457089


Kids don’t tend to be aware of what is going on at the top of a stove all the time. It’s very risky for them to stick their fingers up there without knowing they can get severely burnt, or accidentally turn the stove on while no one is looking. Therefore, consider getting a stove guard to prevent both things from happening. If not, try to only cook on the back burners, not the ones in the front.


  1. Place childproof latches on cabinets


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Ah, classic, kid opens cabinet, pulls out everything imaginable, spills it and makes a mess on the floor. Even worse, kid opens cabinet and drops heavy item on body part or closes door on fingers. That is why there are innumerable cabinet latches in the market to make sure your kid doesn’t hurt him or herself while exploring your cabinets. Some parents tend to lock all cabinets but one, and fill it with toys or similar things they’d find in there for them to play with on purpose. There are similar latches for drawers as well.


  1. Don’t leave food, sharp objects, medicine or hot drinks on counters or in reach
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Children will go out of their way to reach something that attracts their eyes, or appetite. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep anything edible or toy-like out of children’s eyes. Imagine making yourself a cup of tea and placing it aside while you finish washing dishes only to realize your child yelling because they spilled it on themselves while trying to reach it. Children could also swallow pills if in reach, or eat too much of something giving them belly aches. Instead, try locking everything up. If you intend to leave snacks out for your kids, make sure they won’t go through any trouble to reach it.


We hope you find these tips handy when it comes to keeping your kids safe in the kitchen!

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