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Believe it or not, St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! Celebrate the holiday with your kids by making some fun, simple crafts. From 3D shamrock ornaments to fingerprint rainbows, there is something for every child to enjoy.

Leprechaun footprints


Photo credit: kinderart.com

Age: 4–6


    • Green crayons
    • Crayons of other colors


  • Green paint and white paint



  • Talk to your kids about leprechauns; pretend that some leprechauns have visited your house and left their footprints behind!
  • Have your child step onto paper and trace their shoes (using a pencil) as many times as will fit on the paper.
  • They can then fill in their shoe outlines with various colors.
  • Next, help them add white paint to green paint to create lighter shades of green. These various shades of green will be used to create clovers which will be painted around their footprints.
  • Show them how to make 3-leaf clovers (three small filled circles, connected and a stem). Child can draw and paint a number of clovers on their paper in a random pattern around the footprints.

Fingerprint rainbow


Photo credit: activityvillage.co.uk



  • Paint in all colors of the rainbow
  • Paper



  • Paint the sides of your child’s fingers on both hands with red paint.
  • Help shape their fingers into an arch and print on to the paper.
  • Repeat with the other colors, making the arches smaller and smaller.

3D paper shamrocks



Photo credit: dltk-holidays.com

Age: 4+

These become three-dimensional ornaments that you can hang somewhere.


  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Printer
  • String, thread, or ribbon
  • Optional: crayons, paint, or markers


  • Print template here.
  • Cut out the template pieces (kids may require adult assistance and can be done before)
  • Fold the shamrocks so they are two sided.
  • Cut on one of the dotted lines right up to the center.
  • Slide two shamrocks together, top to bottom.
  • Glue a ribbon or thread onto the top (or hole punch a small hole and tie a ribbon through).

Pot of gold collage


Photo credit: activityvillage.co.uk

Age: All



  • Black paper
  • Gold paper (in different shades and textures, if possible)
  • Glue



  • Cut circles from the gold paper.
  • Cut out a pot shape from the black paper.
  • Arrange your pot and coins on the paper.
  • Glue when you are happy with the arrangement.

Paper plate shamrock hats


Photo credit: alphamom.com


  • Dinner-size paper plate
  • Pencil or pen
  • Scissors
  • Paint, crayons, markers, or glitter


  • On the paper plate, draw a circle about 1 3/4 inches in from the edge.
  • Fold the plate in half, then draw half of a shamrock shape along the fold inside the circle, with the base of the shape touching the line.
  • Cut out the shape and the head hole along the curved line.
  • Bend the shape up.
  • Have your child try on the hat, and widen the head hole as needed.
  • Decorate the hat with paint, crayon, markers, and/or glitter.

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