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Prosperous China

This January Rock n Roll celebrated Sarah Kellar’s 5 year work anniversary! Sarah’s unique ability to work with each age group seamlessly makes her our star at RRDC, we are so thankful! She is so sweet and one of the friendliest people ever. She once made a sound box for toddlers to explore and I saw …


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5 Creative Ways to Help Your Kids Learn Self-Care

It is essential that kids learn how to care for themselves so they grow up to be responsible and confident. Here are 5 small and fun activities that will help your children grow and learn independence and self-care that you can practice with your kids.   Basic Hygiene From washing up before meals to showering …


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Out with the old, in with the new

The New Year is here, filled with new hope and resolutions for many. As parents, you probably have some things you’d like to accomplish; one of them may be to get more organized. When you have kids that task can seem impossible. It’s amazing how much stuff someone so little can accumulate. It’s even more …


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Chinese Heritage Songbook

Enjoy the Chinese Heritage Collection. For a full PDF of the Chinese Heritage Songbook, please click on the book cover image. If you have trouble downloading links below, please click here.