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No One Escapes the Pains of Parenting – Not Even Royalty

Like most of the world, I have, over the past decade, watched in awe, as Prince William and Kate Middleton have single-handedly rejuvenated the image of the British monarchy. While the attractive young couple are much more relatable (and pleasing to the eye) than previous royals, I always assumed that their approach to childcare would …


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Posting about Your Kids on Social Media: Dos and Don’ts

If you have young children, it’s likely that you also have social media; it’s also likely that you’ve confronted the question of how much to share about your kids online. Should you share funny or embarrassing stories? Is it a good idea to post pictures? And if so, which ones? While the answers to these …


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Menu for Week 2-27

Here is the menu for the week of February 27.


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Sweet Parent-Child Date Ideas

CC Image Courtesy of Rob Briscoe on Flickr Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, and while the holiday is usually spent with a romantic partner, it’s also a great excuse to show your kids how much you love them. Cards and candy are always appreciated, but why not take your child on a …


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Potty Training Incentives and Rewards That Work

Photo Credit: sydneyinstitute Potty training is a major milestone for kids and parents alike, but as you know, it doesn’t come easily. Graduating to big-boy and big-girl undies takes time, patience, and various incentives to entice your child to use the toilet. Read on for seven effective potty training incentives and rewards. Potty training reward …


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Menu for Week 2-20

Here is the menu for the week of February 20.


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4 Valentine’s Day Crafts for Your Littlest Ones

Paper Plate Lovebirds You will need: Paper plate Paint PVA Glue Glitter Scissors Googly eyes Pipe cleaners First, cut paper plate in half, using a “ying-yang” shape Use one half for the body of the bird, and use the other half to cut out a heart for the wings and a triangular beak Using PVA …


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How the Use of Technology is Affecting Children

  Times are changing. “Let’s play!” no longer implies going outside and making mud cakes or using pillows and cushions to avoid touching the floor because its lava. When the kids of today say “let’s play!” they mean “come sit next to me and watch me beat this game on my iPad”. No parents from …


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UPDATED Menu for Week 2-13

Here is the UPDATED menu for the week of February 13.


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Japanese Heritage Songbook

Children and parents alike have been learning a bit of Japanese culture and heritage through our new Montessori Musiclab songbooks these months, we have compiled some information regarding the history of some of these culturally enriching songs. Sakura Sakura Sakura Sakura is a traditional Japanese folk song that depicts one of the most significant events in the …