Services for Your Child


Children are singing, discovering rhythm and pitch, and delighting in music each day


Montessori Education

The learning environment is prepared to create an atmosphere of discovery and respect for the child.



Video camera systems allow parents the comfort of checking in on your child during any part of the day.



Never bring a diaper to school again. All toileting supplies are provided in each child’s classroom

Healthy Food

Thoughtfully prepared, our breakfast, snacks, and lunches are cooked fresh each day by Smart Lunches.


Cultural Education

Children are ambassadors of peace in the world, and to reach the world we must first teach them about it



``As I saw my daughter for the first time, I played that first note, and the world changed. I had received a gift, and it was now my responsibility to take care of what I’d been given. Rock and Roll Daycare began as a gift to my daughter, and now my three sons, and I can’t help but wake up each day knowing that today is a new opportunity to nurture that gift. People often ask what Rock and Roll Daycare is, and while we are a music based Montessori school for infants, toddlers, and preschool, my favorite answer is, Rock and Roll Daycare is a love story to my children.`` Christopher Vuk - Founder


See what children are learning at Rock and Roll Daycare. This month, join us in Brazil!


``Wanted to send a quick note of thanks for the International Night event tonight. The dance ensemble was awesome, June was enthralled, and she and her toddler friends had so much fun dancing and singing the songs you taught them. When we got home tonight, I asked June what kind of music we heard...and she said ``Mr Phil!`` (June, Parent)

Our twins boys have loved rock n' roll since they started, they are always excited to go to school, and they come home singing and dancing. The teachers and staff are really wonderful and caring. Catered food is wonderful and makes life so much easier. (A. Natenshon, Parent)

I highly recommend the Rock & Roll East Cambridge. There is a daily music component, which seems good for providing entertainment and intellectual stimulation. The school puts a lot of thought into educating the children in an age appropriate manner. (A. Y., Parent)



Setting Learning Goals with Your Children for the School Year

Setting goals with you kids before the new school year is a great way to get them excited for the months ahead! Goals are always better when they are personalized to your kids’ needs and interests, but here is a general guideline to help you get your goals list started. Remember to keep your goals ...

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First Time at Daycare? Separation Anxiety Tips for Your Child

Starting daycare is a big transition for both a child and the parents. For some, it’s the first time they’ve ever left their baby in someone else’s care and maybe the first time their baby has been surrounded by a large group of children.        In either case, the first time at daycare ...

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Ordem E Progresso

Brazil The famous celebration of Carnaval in Brazil, actually originated in Europe as a “spring festival”, people enjoyed wearing masks and playing pranks at parties, and dancing in the streets during the 15th century too. When Europeans immigrated to Brazil, they brought this festival with them, now known as Carnaval. However, indigenous people living in Brazil wore ...

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What to Look for in Swim Lessons for Your Child

Now is the time of year that kids of all ages are hitting the beach and the pool. While there’s plenty of fun to be had, that fun can turn dangerous if children don’t know how to swim and the proper precautions aren’t taken.      While all children are advised to wear a U.S. ...

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No Space for Phones at the Dinner Table

Family meals are not just about eating. Breakfast, lunch or dinner are often the only times all family members are together in one place. It’s a time that can be used to catch up on your children’s lives, connect, socialize, laugh and learn. A time for human connection; a time for no distractions. There is ...

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“Waiting” on Mum and Dad

“Australia is just so full of surprises.”- Bill Bryson   Australia   From our teeny Tods, to wobblers to the jumping beans in Preschool, everyone explored Australia and the highly sought after Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Children learned the greatest Coral reef in the world needs help, its marine life is slowly dying.   ...

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Bound for South Australia


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5 Road Trip Essentials

        Summer is almost here and for many families that means it’s time to hit the road. Choosing a road trip over hopping a plane is popular with many families because it’s less expensive and you don’t have to worry about passenger complaints if your child decides to act up.   That ...

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Meditation May: The Benefits of Meditation for Kids

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so it is only suitable that we talk about self-awareness and healthy methods to relieve stress.   While most people tend to associate meditation with the adult generations, children are proven to benefit from it as well. Introducing kids to mindfulness now, can help shape their coping mechanisms to ...

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Preparation for moving up in the world

We had a festive month at Rock and Roll, the biggest change children experienced was the introduction to the family style lunches as oppose to individual lunches. Naturally, teachers and parents prepared children, but they enjoyed this change a lot; they practiced serving food themselves, their friends having the same lunch as them motivated them ...

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