Services for Your Child


Children are singing, discovering rhythm and pitch, and delighting in music each day


Montessori Education

The learning environment is prepared to create an atmosphere of discovery and respect for the child.



Video camera systems allow parents the comfort of checking in on your child during any part of the day.



Never bring a diaper to school again. All toileting supplies are provided in each child’s classroom

Healthy Food

Thoughtfully prepared, our breakfast, snacks, and lunches are cooked fresh each day by Smart Lunches.


Cultural Education

Children are ambassadors of peace in the world, and to reach the world we must first teach them about it



``As I saw my daughter for the first time, I played that first note, and the world changed. I had received a gift, and it was now my responsibility to take care of what I’d been given. Rock and Roll Daycare began as a gift to my daughter, and now my three sons, and I can’t help but wake up each day knowing that today is a new opportunity to nurture that gift. People often ask what Rock and Roll Daycare is, and while we are a music based Montessori school for infants, toddlers, and preschool, my favorite answer is, Rock and Roll Daycare is a love story to my children.`` Christopher Vuk - Founder


See what children are learning at Rock and Roll Daycare. This month, join us in India!!


``Wanted to send a quick note of thanks for the International Night event tonight. The dance ensemble was awesome, June was enthralled, and she and her toddler friends had so much fun dancing and singing the songs you taught them. When we got home tonight, I asked June what kind of music we heard...and she said ``Mr Phil!`` (June, Parent)

Our twins boys have loved rock n' roll since they started, they are always excited to go to school, and they come home singing and dancing. The teachers and staff are really wonderful and caring. Catered food is wonderful and makes life so much easier. (A. Natenshon, Parent)

I highly recommend the Rock & Roll East Cambridge. There is a daily music component, which seems good for providing entertainment and intellectual stimulation. The school puts a lot of thought into educating the children in an age appropriate manner. (A. Y., Parent)



Spotlight on India: Rock & Roll Daycare Helps to Bring India-Themed Activities to Your Home

Introducing your child to new cultures and ideas is so important when they’re young. We all know kids are like little sponges. They absorb so much and are open-minded to learning new things. When they do learn new ideas and skills, they are always eager to share them with everyone they know. This helps other ...

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What Parents Can Do to Raise a Musical Child

As a parent, you want to do all you can to raise a well-rounded child. This includes giving them a good education and exposing them to different hobbies and ideas. Music is often top on the list. Whether it’s group music classes or private lessons, parents often want to introduce their children to music because ...

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The Rise of Homeschooling

These days the way we do many things has changed. The COVID-19 pandemic shuttered schools last spring and its effect is still being felt across the country. Many parents, maybe yourself included, still don’t feel 100% safe in sending kids back. You want to keep your children engaged and educated, but may be at a ...

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October 20th

Hello RRDC Community!   Here are your Tuesday Training Tools!   Monthly Theme: The Prepared Environment   Weekly Focus: “Material Making Checklist”   Please watch the following short video and answer a few quiz questions below to learn more about our weekly focus:   Click for the Material Making Checklist     As always, let ...

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October 14th

Hello RRDC Community!   Tuesday Tools have been pushed back a week to help everyone get caught up as we begin once again.   Here are your Tuesday Training Tools!   Monthly Theme: The Prepared Environment   Weekly Focus: “Key Components to a Montessori Inspired Learning Environment”   Please watch the following short video and ...

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Do Picture Books Hinder a Child’s Reading Development?

We all know how important it is to read to a child. But, how does the type of material affect a child’s reading development? A new study by researchers at Carnegie Mellon is shedding some light on the situation.   Kids and Picture Books   The crux of the research centers around picture books. Kids ...

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September 29th

Hello RRDC Community!   We’re not Justin Timberlake, but we’re bringing Tuesday Tools back   Here are your Tuesday Training Tools!   Monthly Theme: Respect for the Child   Weekly Focus: “Finding Joy”   Please watch the following short video and answer a few quiz questions below to learn more about our weekly focus:   ...

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Benefits of Group Music Classes

When kids hear music they start moving and grooving. It comes naturally for them and is something that they enjoy. This is why many schools use music as a teaching tool. Even at a young age, they can benefit from music classes that are done in a group setting.   If your child has never ...

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Differences Between Montessori and Traditional Learning

Parents are faced with a multitude of decisions about their children’s education, always hoping that they’ve made the right one. A way that you can be sure that you have is by learning about different types of educational styles that are available. This can give you peace of mind that you’ve done your homework and ...

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Why Your Child Should Connect with Nature

These days, many kids are spending more time at home as activities are either canceled or rescheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has parents looking for different things to do with their kids to avoid the dreaded words, “I’m bored”. No one wants their child glued to a screen all day just to pass ...

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