Program Overview

Rock and Roll Daycare offers a comprehensive music curriculum unique to any other early childhood center in the Boston area. At Rock and Roll, your child will be immersed in diverse musical learning from infancy through age six. Whether plucking a violin string for the first time, dancing to the rhythms of a newly discovered culture, or premiering their drum solo skills for an audience of their peers, our students spend a portion of every day honing their musical skills through a combination of specialist-led instruction and independent music play.

What folks are saying

We always felt very safe leaving Holden with the teachers and knew he was well taken care of. Rock & Roll Daycare was always very accommodating and flexible with two working parents who are trying to balance work and parenting.

Group Music Classes

Five rotating specialists teach the daily group music classes in each classroom at the core of our program.

Cultural Currents

Our curriculum highlights and integrates a new country into our music and Montessori curriculum every two months.

Private Instrumental Instruction

Weekly private instrumental lessons for solo students or parent/child pairs on guitar, drums, piano, or violin

Student Performances

Children have regular opportunities to showcase their talent and hard work.

Independent Music Learning

RRDC students are equipped to make their own musical discoveries.

Montessori Music Lab

We are focused on pioneering new ways for children to fall in love with the magic of music.

If your child were a musician, these are 8 things you’d find him or her doing.


(Thanks to our awesome immersive early childhood music curriculum and music lessons totally unique to New England, your kid CAN be a musician)

1. If your child were to be a pianist (Baby Beethoven for sure!), we’d suggest you be sure to clean those sticky fingers! Any kid with a passion for the piano will play that thing day and night, no matter what their hands have gone through  that day.


2. If your child plays the drums (are you sure you want your child playing the drums?) we suggest you buy earmuffs… and maybe a helmet?



3. Your kid would be a big problem solver. And we don’t mean clean up the spilled juice problem, we mean changing the strings of his or her violin kinda thing. Responsibilities learned young!




4. You would find them setting up real bands or orchestras with their friends! Nothing says teamwork and bonding like playing music together.


Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 6.32.26 PM

5. If your kid were a musician, they’d teach you every single song they know. You’d find yourself singing along to their monthly tunes in the car, at home, even in the bathtub! That is thanks to Rock & Roll Daycare’s music curriculum that gives each family a custom written songbook and CD set to bring home, allowing to reinforce the activities and songs that are being learned in class.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 6.27.25 PM

6. They would love to constantly perform for any family and friends who visit! Plus, they’d slowly and surely start losing any fear of performing in front of people. Confidence boost, anyone?


7. Your child would instantly start killin’ it with some dance moves! It’s impossible to be a musician and not to feel the need to shake it! (Especially at the early age of kids we teach!)


8. And last but not least… As we said, music is contagious! You would find your pets joining along soon enough!


If you’d like to watch a little bit more what a music class at Rock & Roll Daycare is like, check this out!  


“Rock and Roll Daycare’s mission is to immerse children in a broad spectrum of music and creative arts to deepen their understanding of the world and the people around them.”