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Menu for Week 3-20

Here is the menu for the week of March 20.

Chef Cristo

Cristo's Kitchen is a catering company out of Woburn, MA. With over 9 years experience, Chef Cristo provides personalized menus using only the freshest ingredients. No event is too large or too small. We cater intimate gatherings of 10 to extravagant soirees and everything in between! Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events, and other special celebrations. Cristo’s Kitchen works closely with Rock & Roll Daycare, and nutritionist Sara, to provide healthy options for toddlers and preschoolers in an effort to instill good eating habits at an early age.


Rock and Roll Daycare. Now, imagine a place where children are encouraged to make mistakes, two-year-olds are learning how to play the violin, and teachers are encouraging children to explore the limits of their potential.