Maria Montessori called this environment a “Nido”, which is the Italian for “Nest”.

Here at Rock and Roll Daycare (RRDC), staff are trained to observe and tend to each infant’s ever changing needs. They are gentle, loving and nurturing and carefully prepare the infant environments to be calm, safe spaces for each infant to safely move and explore their new space. They hang mobiles for them to develop their sense of sight and curiosity. Each material is carefully chosen e.g. beautiful sensory and wooden materials to discover. As they become a little older we have low mirrors for them to enjoy and balance bars to stretch and reach for and develop their balance.


We welcome parents to become involved in their infant’s new learning experience at RRDC. They are invited to attend Montessori presentations, child development classes, infant massage classes, etc.


We welcome you to observe a classroom and join us, knowing you can trust our caring, loving, and nurturing staff to take excellent care of your precious infant.


Children are sensory explorers

The Montessori toddler environments are unique and are set up with child sized furniture and lots of sensory based materials and practical life exercises. They develop skills to help grow in confidence and independence. They learn to take care of themselves (dressing, feeding, washing hands etc.) and take care of the environment (washing, sweeping, dusting etc). They learn to develop fine motor control, large motor skills, and language development through their daily activities. They go on daily walks to the local park to enjoy nature and the world around them. Children are sensory explorers, building their intellect by absorbing every aspect of their environment, culture, and language. We encourage our staff to engage them in a variety of activities such as music, singing, dancing, reading, expressive language development, cultural studies, and more!


The thrust of Rock and Roll Daycare is in creating within children a captivated learner and explorer.

Our Montessori Preschool accepts children from 3 – 6 years. Dr. Maria Montessori believed that children learn best in multi- aged environments. She called the preschool, the Casa dei Bambini, or “Children’s House.” Our preschool has at least one fully trained Montessori teacher and other teachers in training. They take pride in observing each unique child and developing appropriate lessons and materials to meet their social, emotional, and developmental needs.


We feel that the best way to do that is through early exposure to free academic exploration, music, visual arts, dance, and theater. The fine arts are often described as the pinnacle of self-expression and individual creativity. Additionally, the arts provide some of the best environments for social interaction that exist.


Each child at Rock and Roll Daycare receives weekly private violin lessons (beginning between 3.5-4 years) and one group music class through our Suzuki string school. All instruments are provided. Children participate in daily DalzrozeEurythmics/Folk Music/Spanish Language/Chinese language curriculum. Our highly qualified music faculty include music therapists, specialists, and recipients of doctoral degrees in music, including the nationally acclaimed Boston String Quartet and members of the Longy School of Music! You can know by our pedigree, that your child is getting the best!

Imagine the creativity that would be unleashed in a child practicing violin, painting landscapes, and acting on stage not every month, not every week, but every day.

Would you assume that child would develop strong pattern recognition, problem solving skills, self-confidence, and an eager mind for learning? We would, and thus Rock and Roll Preschool is different than all the other preschools. by engaging children in the study of the fine arts, we plant seeds of curiosity through the application of music, visual arts, and theater. Can you imagine sitting in a concert hall with your entire family, listening to your 4-year old perform at a violin recital? How proud would you be to see your child in the school play, at 5 years old, quoting the lines of William Shakespeare (perhaps the abridged version!) in front of the entire class? The time for exploration is now, and at Rock and Roll Preschool, your child will begin a journey of discovery that no other learning center provides.


So we invite you and your family to join us on the road that knows no end!



Rock and Roll Daycare. Now, imagine a place where children are encouraged to make mistakes, two-year-olds are learning how to play the violin, and teachers are encouraging children to explore the limits of their potential.