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14 Sep · chris@bostonstringquartet.com · No Comments

Turkish Heritage Songbook

Enjoy the Turkish Heritage Collection. If you have trouble downloading links below, please click here.


27 Aug · Fatima Waheed · No Comments

A trip to Gambia

During this busy month at RRDC children learned about dinosaurs, the solar systems in some classrooms, many things from The Gambia and had an Art exhibition too! Lets start with the infants… Some of the infant children explored dinosaurs and enjoyed music class outdoors. Our toddler 1 classroom had fun learning about Gambian houses and …


20 Jul · Fatima Waheed · No Comments

Enter Gambia, with a Rawr!

This month at Rock and Roll Daycare, we wrapped up our USA cultural unit and began studying Gambia. Families attended international nights and children began engineering in many different ways across the board! Infants The babies enjoyed themselves the most throughout with paintings, handprint fireworks, shaving cream and water play. Infants need a sensorial outlet, …


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Gambian Heritage Songbook


29 Jun · Bibi · No Comments

This month at Rock and Roll Daycare

Over the past month across Rock and Roll Daycare, children soaked up knowledge about USA, celebrated Mothers’ day, the beginning of Summer and held the annual Spring Tea event! As part of RRDC’s Cultural Studies program the children explore a new country every few months, giving time for in-depth exploration. Each classroom is different and …


23 Jun · Anna Arteaga · No Comments

We’ve Won “Best of Boston 2017”!

      The Rock and Roll Daycare Community is ecstatic to announce we’ve been awarded the “Best of Boston 2017” by Boston Magazine for being part of what makes the city so great.       Click here to read a little reminder of Rock and Roll Daycare’s creation, the ultimate love story. Our founder and CEO …


19 Jun · Anna Arteaga · No Comments

Fidget Spinner Craze

    Ah, fidget spinners. The latest toy fad to conquer many children’s interests in different countries including the US and Ecuador. Originally marketed as an antidote for attention deficit disorder, autism and anxiety, (Pappas, 2017) they can now be found at Amazon.com, in stores and even on the streets of NYC’s Chinatown for prices …