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9 Jun · Bibi · One Comment

Easy Father’s Day Gifts Kids Can Make

  One of the best gifts you can receive from your kids is something that they made by hand (especially with you in mind!). So, this Father’s Day consider helping your kids make dad a gift he’ll treasure. From rock paperweights to hand print art, there are lots of fun ideas out there. Here are …


26 May · Anna Arteaga · 13 Comments

How Summer Affects Kids Learning

      For ages, kids yearn for summer to start as the year end comes near. Summer means warmer weather, outdoor fun, perhaps pool days or family trips too. But it has been proven that summer break is not necessarily beneficial for all children, especially those who do not have access to academic programs …


22 May · Anna Arteaga · 4 Comments

10 Ways to Remind Your Kids You Love Them

10 Ways to Remind Your Kids You Love Them     Send them little surprise notes in their lunchboxes When I was little, nothing beat opening up my lunch bag to find a little note from my mom taped to my little Ziploc bag full of baby carrots. It reminded me she was thinking of me, …


18 May · Bibi · No Comments

5 Fun Dances and Dance Games to Teach Young Kids

Not only is dancing fun for young kids, but it can improve their physical health and boost their social skills, communication skills, and self-esteem. What’s more, teaching your kids how to do these dances—and possibly doing the dance with them—is sure to make for lots of laughs and fun! Here are five easy dances and …


16 May · Anna Arteaga · 2 Comments

Nail Polish

Nail Polish   Nail polish has been prevalent in the American society for many years. It is no surprise though, that the beloved accessory is full of harmful chemicals, given away by the first whiff of strong smell you get when opening a bottle of said product.   According to the Huffington Post (2015), new …


12 May · Anna Arteaga · One Comment

Refreshing Summer Snacks

  As well all know, summer is near. So is warmer weather, and longer days and children who need to be entertained, and fed of course. Snacking is important for children as their small stomachs need to fill up more frequently because of all the energy they burn! In fact, snacks don’t have to be …


4 May · chris@bostonstringquartet.com · 6 Comments

American Heritage Songbook


23 Apr · Anna Arteaga · One Comment

Toy Shops are Disappearing in the US

Take a moment to remember the days when kids couldn’t find more happiness than in a toy shop. Knowing they were going to rewarded for their good behavior, good grades, or perhaps to pick out a birthday gift was a very exciting time. I remember walking through the aisles in Toys R Us when I …


20 Apr · Bibi · No Comments

3 Artistic Play Date Ideas for Preschoolers

Photo credit: AngryJulieMonday on Flickr     Arts and crafts are a great way to keep your children entertained, build their creativity, and boost their motor and problem-solving skills. They’re fun for kids when they’re working on them alone or with mom and dad, but they’re especially enjoyable when they get to do them with …


12 Apr · Anna Arteaga · No Comments

Chia Seeds: Why and how to eat them

  Chia seeds – While them seem tiny and meaningless, let me tell you why they aren’t. Whether you feel like being more healthy yourself, or want to feed them to your children and family, this article is for you. Why should you eat them? According to one of Spoon University’s numerous articles on Chia …