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23 Mar · Bibi · No Comments

How Music Training Can Increase Kids’ Social and Emotional Skills

Image credit: commons.wikimedia.org   Music training has been shown to help children’s brains develop faster, boost their IQ, enhance their spatial-temporal skills, and more. But that’s not all music education can do: it also has an effect on children’s social and emotional skills. Here are a few ways music training can benefit your child socially …


13 Mar · Anna Arteaga · No Comments

Spring Things to do with Kids in Boston

The weather in Boston in recent weeks has been following quite a roller-coaster pattern, however you should not let this stop you from getting out and about with your (probably restless) children. Spring is a beautiful season of new life and growth, and there is no better feeling from being out in the fresh air …


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Peruvian Children’s Songs and Activities

Rock and Roll Daycare and the Montessori Music Lab are excited to release the Peruvian Heritage Songbook! In today’s post, you will find complimentary copies of the following   -Peruvian Heritage E-Songbook   -Peruvian Heritage Songbook Audio   -A Welcome to Peru Booklet   -Hand Motions and Coloring Pages to the songs from the Book …


2 Mar · Anna Arteaga · No Comments

How Pets Affect Children’s Lives

The adoption of a pet into a family for the sake of young children is very common in many homes. Over 71 million American households (62%) have a pet, and most people think of their pets as members of the family. Therefore, as the size of the typical family household in the United States decreases, …


27 Feb · Anna Arteaga · No Comments

No One Escapes the Pains of Parenting – Not Even Royalty

Like most of the world, I have, over the past decade, watched in awe, as Prince William and Kate Middleton have single-handedly rejuvenated the image of the British monarchy. While the attractive young couple are much more relatable (and pleasing to the eye) than previous royals, I always assumed that their approach to childcare would …


10 Feb · Anna Arteaga · No Comments

How the Use of Technology is Affecting Children

  Times are changing. “Let’s play!” no longer implies going outside and making mud cakes or using pillows and cushions to avoid touching the floor because its lava. When the kids of today say “let’s play!” they mean “come sit next to me and watch me beat this game on my iPad”. No parents from …


6 Feb · Anna Arteaga · No Comments

Japanese Heritage Songbook

Children and parents alike have been learning a bit of Japanese culture and heritage through our new Montessori Musiclab songbooks these months, we have compiled some information regarding the history of some of these culturally enriching songs. Sakura Sakura Sakura Sakura is a traditional Japanese folk song that depicts one of the most significant events in the …


3 Feb · Bibi · No Comments

5 Secrets of Preschool Teachers

Photo Credit: Brighter Horizons Preschool   During preschool, your child is developing a newfound sense of independence, and while this is a fun period, it also comes with some unique behavior issues. For example, you may see your child lying from time to time. This is often a reaction to the books, TV shows, and …


27 Jan · Bibi · No Comments

How Much Screen Time Should Your Kids Have?

Photo Credit: commons.wikimedia.org One of the most common questions parents have these days is how much screen time is appropriate for kids. The answer is not one-size-fits-all, of course; it depends on the child, the family, and what the child is watching. What’s clear, though, is the importance of limiting your children’s screen time. Research …


22 Dec · Bibi · No Comments

Holiday Gifts That Promote Language and Learning

  CC Image Courtesy of Ano Lobb on Flickr The holidays are rapidly approaching and you may be on the hunt for a few more gifts, either for your kids or other little ones in your life. While your kids may be getting some of this year’s hottest toys like the coveted Hatchimal, you should …



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