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How to Make Halloween Healthier Without Cutting Down on Trick-or-Treating

October is here and Halloween is right around the corner! Soon streets will be flooded by superheroes and witches in a determined search for sweets. With candy starting to take over counters at the supermarket, here are a few tips to manage and ease your kid’s impending and seemingly inevitable sugar rush.     Before trick-or-treating. …


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The Impressionists

In September RRDC held its annual carneque event; graduating preschoolers got their certificates and sang a goodbye song, along with songs from South Africa.     Friends and family enjoyed music, dancing, magic and many activities!   In Toddler classes children worked on their Practical life skills to gain some independence. They practiced spreading and …


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How to Overcome Bedtime Battles

Sticking to a consistent and early bedtime can be a continuous struggle. With pleads such as “10 more minutes” or “one last episode,” or with work schedules getting in the way, bedtimes are often hard to keep. However, early and stable bedtimes are the key to a good night’s sleep, which plays a huge role in …


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5 Ways to Handle a Picky Eater

No matter what food you put in front of your child, it ends up untouched, or better yet on the floor. Why? Because he either: a.) didn’t want to eat b.) said he wasn’t hungry c.) didn’t like what was in front of him   If this happens once in a while you can probably …


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French Heritage Songbook

Enjoy the French Heritage Collection. For a full PDF of the French Heritage Songbook, please click on the book cover image. If you would like to try our NEW online version of the songbook or if you, have trouble downloading links below, please click here.


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Technology Is Making Early Childhood Education Better and Safer

Handing children over to strangers and trusting them to educate and take care of them every weekday is not an easy thing to ask of parents. However, thankfully the rise of technology is rapidly and efficiently making this task easier on parents. Technology is not only helping improve education in early childhood centers, but their safety …


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What’s the right age to get your kids involved in activities?

These days it seems as though kids have so many activities that they’re involved in…sports, dance, music, karate…etc. Parents are running all around trying to get their kids from activity A to activity B on time while trying not to over-schedule in the process.     When should all of this begin? When is the …


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Shekere all day

Rock and Roll Daycare younglings have been busy beating the heat over the summer, with plenty of water play, indoor activities, field-trips  and cooling snacks and drinks. The infants and toddlers at one location have been exploring their new indoor play structure and gross motor space, especially on very hot/rainy days. Older children also use …


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How Teachers Can Rock this Summer

Retrieved from: https://theblissprojectblog.wordpress.com/2012/06/20/top-10-reasons-teachers-need-summers-off/   Be a student. With summer finally coming around, this is the best time for you to turn into a student yourself. Whether it’s taking online courses, pursuing a Master’s, or learning a new language, the sudden availability of free time that comes when school is finally over is the perfect opportunity to …


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How to Control Your Child’s Screen time

Whether you want to admit it or not, screen time is a “thing” for kids of pretty much all ages. Statistics show that many parents start exposing their children to screen time as young as three years old. Whether you subscribe to that idea or not, one thing that cannot be denied is that kids …