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Why the Mozart Effect Works with Justin Bieber

  We know: just seeing the words Mozart and Justin Bieber in the same sentence makes your brain hurt. What could these two musical artists possibly have in common?   A lot, it turns out.   The Mozart effect is the hypothesis that exposure to classical music in early childhood can improve mental development, and/or …


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At-Home Dance Parties: Encouraging Your Child to Move to Music

Moving to music is one of the best ways for kids to learn to appreciate music: it shows them that music can and should be experienced, rather than something to listen to passively. This is especially true of very young kids: they experience music best when they are moving, clapping, stomping, swaying—whatever helps them feel …


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5 Ways Parents Can Build a Solid Relationship with Their Child’s School

  As a parent, you want your child to be in the best school possible, a safe and happy place where she receives high-quality education and is supported by excellent teachers and staff. Schools also aim to provide the best educational experience for their students with the resources available to them. And, one of the …


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How to Encourage Your Child’s Songwriting

  Children are naturally drawn to music and they are also naturally creative, so songwriting is a great nexus of these. Writing songs can help your children express themselves, learn more about music, and even become more attuned to the world around them as they collect material for songs.   Parents can encourage their children’s …


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What Kind of Music Should Your Child Listen to at Home?

  Music offers children a wealth of benefits, from enhancing their memory, spatial reasoning skills, and language-learning capability to improving their literacy and IQs. It also offers a great opportunity to have fun and bond with your child. But what kind of music is best for your children? Should they be allowed to listen to …


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The Benefits of Giving Children Responsibilities

  Self-reliance and self-confidence: these are among the most important qualities you can give your child. After all, your child won’t be dependent on you forever.   One of the best ways to cultivate these qualities is to give your children responsibilities, both around the house and in their lives in general. When children are …


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The Importance of the Kindergarten Year in a Montessori Classroom

The Importance of the Kindergarten Year in a Montessori Classroom Do we keep our child in a Montessori kindergarten or place them in a traditional kindergarten program? This is the question that thousands of Montessori parents grapple with each year. Traditional kindergartens certainly have benefits and some children do better in that environment. However, there …


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7 Reasons Why Music is so Important to a Montessori Education

The Montessori approach encourages the natural development of children with an education that supports the unique needs of each individual child at each developmental stage. The implementation of Montessori education revolves around five basic principles: respect for the child, the absorbent mind, sensitive periods, the prepared environment, and autoeducation.   Music is an integral part …


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6 Ways to Involve Young Children in Meal Preparation

6 Ways to Involve Young Children in Meal Preparation   Young children learn best when they get to explore with their senses. A great way to let them enjoy a unique multi-sensorial experience is through involving them in meal preparation. Meal preparation is an important aspect of practical life. As children prepare food, they get …