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3 Artistic Play Date Ideas for Preschoolers

Photo credit: AngryJulieMonday on Flickr     Arts and crafts are a great way to keep your children entertained, build their creativity, and boost their motor and problem-solving skills. They’re fun for kids when they’re working on them alone or with mom and dad, but they’re especially enjoyable when they get to do them with …


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How Music Training Can Increase Kids’ Social and Emotional Skills

Image credit: commons.wikimedia.org   Music training has been shown to help children’s brains develop faster, boost their IQ, enhance their spatial-temporal skills, and more. But that’s not all music education can do: it also has an effect on children’s social and emotional skills. Here are a few ways music training can benefit your child socially …


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Peruvian Children’s Songs and Activities

Rock and Roll Daycare and the Montessori Music Lab are excited to release the Peruvian Heritage Songbook! In today’s post, you will find complimentary copies of the following   -Peruvian Heritage E-Songbook   -Peruvian Heritage Songbook Audio   -A Welcome to Peru Booklet   -Hand Motions and Coloring Pages to the songs from the Book …


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5 Secrets of Preschool Teachers

Photo Credit: Brighter Horizons Preschool   During preschool, your child is developing a newfound sense of independence, and while this is a fun period, it also comes with some unique behavior issues. For example, you may see your child lying from time to time. This is often a reaction to the books, TV shows, and …


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How to Tell a Good Bedtime Story

CC Image Courtesy of flickrized on Flickr Reading your child a story before they go to bed is a great way to bond and get them to relax before they go to sleep. Sometimes, however, you want to mix it up and make up your own story. Not only is this fun for the parent, …


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Maria Montessori on Music

Maria Montessori and music were never separate ideas. Since the very beginning of her philosophy, which started around 1907 with her first Children’s home in Rome, Maria Montessori valued music highly. A natural innovator and educator, Montessori focused on teaching children through a method that accompanies their natural learning progress.   Music, according to Maria, …


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5 Things you’d see, hear and smell at Casa dei Bambini – Maria Montessori’s first school in Italy

  Maria Montessori first came up with her infamous educational method in 1907 in a low income neighborhood in Rome, Italy.  She believed children learn better in multi- aged environments, and called her first preschool, “Casa dei Bambini”, or “Children’s House”. Here are 7 things you’d experience at a normal school day back in the 1900’s: Lots of noise. …


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5 Easy Snacks to Prepare for Kids

Frozen grapes These delicious treats won’t give your child a brain freeze, not will they hurt their teeth, as grapes remain chewable when frozen. Perfect for little hands, these will sure be a refreshing treat. You will need: a handful of seedless grapes, red or green. Yogurt, chia and toothpicks optional. Wash grapes and place …


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In Honor of Johnny Appleseed Day

Here is Johnny Appleseed’s  Story and Activities to Entertain Your Children With Well, story says John Chapman was the real name of the fold hero and pioneer apple farmer of the 19th century. Born in Massachusetts in 1774, he was a real dreamer. He wanted to produce enough apples for everyone to have enough to eat.  Reflect …


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5 Tips for Making Back-to-School Time as Stress-Free as Possible

  CC Image Courtesy of julie corsi on Flickr   Back-to-school time is an exciting time of year for children and parents alike. Children get to return to their routine and see their friends every day; parents get to relax a bit and not worry about how to entertain their children every day. But, as …