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Essential Water Safety Tips for Toddlers

    The warm weather brings lots of opportunities to have fun in the water, but it also brings dangers. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 10 people in the U.S. die every day from unintentional drowning, and of these, two are children age 14 and under. In fact, drowning is …


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7 Things Your Child Can Learn from Having a Pet

Photo credit: maxpixel.freegreatpicture.com From their hilarious antics to their unconditional love, pets light up our lives. And while we adults love our pets dearly, children can have an especially strong bond with animals. Not only do pets provide children with entertainment and affection, but they also teach them about responsibility, compassion, trust, coping with loss, …


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Fun Mother-Child Date Ideas for Mother’s Day

Photo credit: maxpixel.freegreatpicture.com   Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday May 14th, and what better day to celebrate (other than a spa day, of course) than a fun “date” with your kids?   From catching a play to sneaking out of the house for breakfast, there are plenty of options. And the good news …


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7 Indoor and Outdoor Exercises to Do with Your Kids

  Photo credit: marthastewart.com Spring officially arrives at 6:28am EST on Monday March, 20th! What better way to shake off the winter than to get moving in some fun ways? Here are seven activities and games that are fun and healthy for the whole family.   Obstacle course   Plot out a course inside or …


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Sweet Parent-Child Date Ideas

CC Image Courtesy of Rob Briscoe on Flickr Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, and while the holiday is usually spent with a romantic partner, it’s also a great excuse to show your kids how much you love them. Cards and candy are always appreciated, but why not take your child on a …


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Jamaican Activities You Can Do at Home with Your Kids

Here at Rock and Roll Daycare, our Brazilian adventure is coming to an end. Tchau, Brasil! But the good news is that our Jamaican journey is just about to begin!   To get in the Jamaican mood, we’ve compiled a list of Jamaican-inspired activities you can do with your kids at home. From crafts to …


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Make Your Own Instruments at Home: A How-To Guide

  Making instruments at home is not only a great way to save money on “real” instruments, which are quite expensive, but it’s also a fun, engaging craft activity for your kids. There are dozens of different makeshift instruments you can create including tambourines, maracas, xylophones, various kinds of drums, and more. Here are several …


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6 Fun Sports for Children

6 Fun Sports for Children Participating in sports is a good form of exercise for children. It will not only keep them physically fit but also help them develop good values and improve social skills. Just make sure to choose a sport that matches your child’s interest, age and skills. As spring approaches, here are …