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Sweet Parent-Child Date Ideas

CC Image Courtesy of Rob Briscoe on Flickr Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, and while the holiday is usually spent with a romantic partner, it’s also a great excuse to show your kids how much you love them. Cards and candy are always appreciated, but why not take your child on a …


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The Importance of Positive Discipline

  There are no bad kids, just bad behavior: this is the idea behind positive discipline. Positive discipline is a discipline model that focuses on positive aspects of behavior. With positive discipline, caregivers and educators reinforce and teach good behaviors while eliminating unwanted behaviors; bad behaviors are weaned out without harming the child verbally or …


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6 Ways to Involve Young Children in Meal Preparation

6 Ways to Involve Young Children in Meal Preparation   Young children learn best when they get to explore with their senses. A great way to let them enjoy a unique multi-sensorial experience is through involving them in meal preparation. Meal preparation is an important aspect of practical life. As children prepare food, they get …