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5 Fun Dances and Dance Games to Teach Young Kids

Not only is dancing fun for young kids, but it can improve their physical health and boost their social skills, communication skills, and self-esteem. What’s more, teaching your kids how to do these dances—and possibly doing the dance with them—is sure to make for lots of laughs and fun! Here are five easy dances and dance games to teach your child.




1.The Box Step


As the name implies, the box step makes the shape of a box on the floor.

For the first half-box:

  • Place the left foot forward to take a step ahead.
  • Then, ask your child to move one step to the front and across towards the right side, with the help of the right foot.
  • Next, the child has to move the left foot across towards the right foot in such a way that both feet are placed together.

For the second half-box:

  • Your child will now have to take a step backward with the help of the right foot.
  • Now ask your child to move the left foot back to the position where it originally was at the time of beginning the sequence.
  • Next, he/she has to move the right foot across towards the left side in such a way that both the feet are placed together.
  • If they are able to complete the steps correctly, they will be in the position where they started from.
  • To make the above step more interesting, you could add some variation, by asking your child to hop or jump, for example.

2. The Washing Dance Game



This one is perfect for two or more children. One child will be the “caller,” and the other can perform; make sure all the kids get a chance to perform. The objective of the game is to move in a way that resembles the item of clothing the caller calls out.

For the pants: Ask your child to sit on the floor and stretch out their legs, but close to one another (in the shape of a pair of pants).

For the dress: The child stands up and places their legs in an outstretched position.

For the skirt: The child sits on the floor and stretches their legs out in front of them in a wide formation.

For the shorts: For this move, sit on the floor and hug both the legs so that they touch the tummy.

For the washing machine: Jump up and down!

For the dryer: The child stands up and stretches out their hands on both sides; then, they move around and around in the same spot in a spinning motion.



3. Y.M.C.A.



Adults and kids alike can have fun with this dance, and kids can, of course, practice their letters at the same time!

Y: Stretch your arms out to the sides and above your heads.

M: Bend your elbows from the “Y” pose so your fingertips meet over your chest or on your shoulders.

C: Stretch your arms out to the left in a half-circle.

A: Hold your hands together above your head.



4. The Zoo-Guess-Who Dance Game



This dance requires two or more kids. It’s great for animal lovers and for reviewing animal names and characteristics. One child (or the parent) calls out the animal names, and the other acts out the animal.  

Here are some suggestions for animal moves:

Tiger: The child bends down comfortably on the floor with both hands down and arches their back.

Snake: Lie down on the floor and slither around like a snake.

Rabbit: Bend down on the floor and place the hands down. Next, while maintaining the pose, make jumping motions in the same spot.

Kangaroo: The child stands in place and does a few high jumps. Have them try and touch their bottom with their feet as they jump.

Cheetah: Stand in one place and “run” as fast as you can.




5.The Heartbeat Hop Dance Game



You’ll need two or more kids for this one. One child (or adult) will be the caller, and the other will be the performer. The caller must say the word “one” or “two” to the tune of the music; the performer does the moves accordingly.

On the word “one”: If the caller says the word “one,” the performer has to hop around on one foot and create imaginary patterns on the floor.

On the word “two”: If the caller says the word “two,” the performer has to hop around on two feet and create imaginary patterns on the floor.


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